Thursday, July 5, 2012

Week of Surgery

Monday July 2nd 

Diagnosed 4 months ago. Surgery in 4 days. Pray for counts to be good tomorrow (now today).

****thank you for the many prayers that have carried us this far, they never go unnoticed!

Tuesday July 3rd

Tristan's Counts are high enough. Surgery is scheduled for 9:15 on Thursday. It is about a 3 hr surgery. He will stay in the hospital for 3-4 days have a cast over the stump for 2 weeks and then be fit for prosthetic 2-4 weeks after depending on swelling. Chemo resumes 2 weeks after surgery and they will have the results back on the % of cancer removed with the tumor that day also.
We are all at peace for now so be happy not sad and please keep praying!
Much much love and thanks from our family to all of yours.
Kinda bugged, got home and got a call to come back for blood and platelets... Wish they could have done that this morning!
Wendsday July 4th
                                                              Happy Independence Day!
Day before the BIG SURGURY!!
Went to Spiderman w/ Mom, Dad and Tanner,Grandpa and Grandma (Down the hill) Riley,Gavin
Had a blessing

Went and did family pictures,
Ate crab for dinner
Went and watched  fireworks with Mom, Dad and Tanner.
                                                           HAPPY FOURTH OR JULY!!

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