Thursday, July 5, 2012

2 weeks and still no Chemo

June 7th

It's been almost 2 weeks, Tristan is finally feeling ok today! -- Chemo scheduled for Tomorrow, isn't that just how it goes?!
 later that day
I don't want to be the ''Mom' today! Tristan's counts are still too low for chemo ( I swear its only because we had planned a Disneyland last min. trip for next week just after he finished). Now we have to wait until monday.
I don't know what to do now??! Ugh
 They draw blood tomorrow and have him for Chemo Monday for the 5 days ( 'if' his counts are good.)  Our trip to Disneland is suppost to start  on Wed.  We are trying to figure it all out still right now we live  one day at a time no plans made in advance..
June 9th
Herriman Days
Tristan did awesome today went to Tanner's baseball game then we walked up and went to a car show and made it threw the whole thing... then we went to check out the Rides while we were up there  Tristan seen a girl there wth cruches and a amputie leg ....  He wanted so bad to go and ask her what happend or why she had this done..  knowing how that feels we did not want to go ask or bug her, but Tristan insisted so together approched her and she was very nice, Tristan said I am going to have that done and Tiffany asked if you don't mind can you tell us what happenend she told them she was born with a smaller limb she had been like this her whole life Tristan's concern " has it slowed you down at all? " ....  her reply " I dance and run, I can do anything everyone else can do it doesn't slow me down at all" .. with a BIG smile on his face they said Thank you and sorry to bug you ...
So glad he had a chance to talk to her and have her share ..


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