Friday, July 6, 2012

More special Vistitors after surgery

  You can tell tristan is still a little groggy, in fact I am glad we got pictures or he might have thought he dreamed this...   but we were so excited that as soon as he got to his room these guys showed up is put a smile on his face...  
 This is the 'mom connection' my boys friends mom knows these Players  Matt asiata, shawn asiata,
and ray fenga and set this up.
Thank you thank you 

    Tanner says " That was a fun visit from Matt asiata, shawn asiata, and ray fenga thanks for comming"

Sean Asiata Utah Football 2010
 Matt Asiata Utah Ute football 2008 and Minnesota Viking now,                
            He was in town they have a short break...
                Took the time to come see my Baby.
                                                 There are so many good people out there!

                                                                       Cousin Riley
               Raeann                                          Grandma Northrup

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