Thursday, July 5, 2012

KSL children's miracle network telethon

June 1st

1 month 1 bill. Thankful to have Insurance to help with some of this. There are many Children at Primary that do not.
Tomorrow is the KSL children's miracle network telethon.
Tristan's story will air sometime during the telethon also. Help if u can it's a great resource for many.

Surgery date change
Didn't want to post this until I knew for sure but they have changed the date for surgery (yes already) to June 28th or July 5th. I will update when we know which one but it is for sure no longer on July 2nd.

That night we ended up in the Hospital AGAIN

We are home, IV fluids again until we go back for the last pre-surgery Chemo. He is still in major pain with mouth sores but improving.

June 2nd

Telethon and Bullriding...

Watched himself on T.V and then went up to Herriman PRCA rodeo and watched from the back of the truck!!

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