Thursday, July 5, 2012

Surgery Day

The Morning of Surgery

 One brave boy headed of to surgury Dr said Lets get rid of this Cancer say goodbye, he gave hugs and walked away and around the corner...

1 more hour please watch him and guide the doctors

2 pm  and I still haven't seen my baby boy getting a little anxious!!

surgeon just came out to speak with us and his words were ' it could not have gone any better and hopefully he is now Cancer free"! We are still about an hour away from seeing him because he is getting casted and a pain block.
Below is a picture of the implant this is supposed to help stop the bone from growing and save us from more surgeries in the future.

He is out and in a doom. He asked for Tanner first and nearly pulled him in the bed with him. Then he made a heart with his hands for us. It was hard to capture but heartwrentching. I ❤my family!!!

Tristan's snoring has never sounded more beautiful!!!!

Thank you once again for the prayers and love being sent our way.
This has not and will not be easy!
I think the tears cried now are tears of relief.
last update 9pm he is doing great and feeling NO pain!!


  1. I'm so glad it went well. We keep praying for him. Your entire family is amazing.

  2. Trisan you are my HERO!!! You are so strong, brave and amazing. I love you so much kiddo. Tiffany if you need anything please let me know. You are all in my thoughts, heart and prayers. Love you all.