Thursday, March 29, 2012

Homeward Bound

March 28th

Tristan woke up feeling great! He had a lot of energy looked good and was joking with me.
Dr. Holly Spraker came in and told us that he could go home today. His heart rate went down, and the MRI looked good. YAY! he was very happy about this. The dietitian came in to go over the feeding tube, calorie intake, appetite inducing medicine that should help him to eat on his own.
Tristan was still not happy about this feeding tube but he was dealing with it. I packed our bags, took them to the car, picked up his prescriptions from the Pharmacy, came back and waited for discharge.

Amazing what a couple of pints of blood can do! I'm glad they gave him the transfusion before we left. Dr. Spraker (oncologist) said that he may be one of those kids that needs a transfusion after each round of Chemo. No this is not a "bad" picture.--------------------->
Tristan was giggling and trying to be scary! I love that his personality is back!

<-----------------------THIS! is a Bad picture! So we made it home safely, after no shower for 2 days I was very excited for a Hot Bubble bath. I got Tristan situated started the bath water lie down on my bed for 2 minutes and as I got up to turn the water off, our Bulldog Georgia was jumping onto the bed. Her enormous head slammed right into my face! Can you believe it? I had to call Chris to come back home, while I went to Riverton Hospital ER to get stitched up. My sister came to check in on my boys while I was at the hospital and the good news is that Tristan asked for an Oreo shake! He wanted to eat, I guess that is worth a few stitches?!

Tanner and Tristan had a small friend get together and sleepover tonight, it was fun they all enjoyed it and it was nice that it felt pretty normal around here.

Oh, and Yes I got that hot bath...just a little later than I had planned.

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