Sunday, March 18, 2012

It's Official



                                         The last time he was bald : )



  1. Tristan, you have a mighty fine shaped head if I do say so myself. I am so proud of you, Tristan, because you are a fighter. You have always been a tough kid, and wiser than your years. I will always be one of your biggest fans.



  2. Tristan!

    You are such a handsome guy! I'm sorry you're going through this. Our family has been praying for your recovery. We love you!

    The Beus Family

  3. What a handsome boy! Thinking and praying always:)

  4. I am also one of your biggest fans you are an amazing kid I love you more then you know... you have always been a fighter and such and easy going kid .. I remember when you where little like this and we would tickle your chin and you would giggle. Giggle giggle... you are inspiring and strong you got this buddy you are awesome... cancer got nothin on "U"... thinking and praying for you and your sweet family love you buddy