Thursday, March 29, 2012

Hard Times

Monday March 26

Chemo went well but during the night Tristan's heart rate was extremely elevated, which concerned the Nurse. They Gave him fluid through his port and watched the heart rate throughout the night. no sleep for me as I was also watching this heart rate that ranged between 140-160 all night. Overall he felt fine and slept well other than being woken to use the bathroom and take vitals.

Tuesday March 27

Today started out with Dr. Randall visiting us at around 8:00am. He proceeded to tell me that he did not like the pain problem Tristan was having in his back. As he put it Kids do not just have this type of pain for no reason in their back. he said that bone scans are good but cannot 100% eliminate the possibility of another tumor in his back and that he would like to have an MRI of his back done today.
This already completely freaked me out and to top it off  Dr. Randall gave me his cell phone #! Why on earth would I need that? Unless something serious were going on.
I pushed the tumor thoughts to the back of my mind and begged everyone that I knew for Prayers and especially specific prayers that there were no tumor! He was scheduled for the MRI at 5:00pm. My Grandpa Morgan and a family friend came up to the Hospital to administer a blessing to Tristan.
Tristan was due for his Chemo treatment at 12:00pm which they began on time. Again the Chemo went well. He was not sick but he was feeling very tired again today.
I was told by the Nurse that due to Tristan's elevated heart rate we would not be going home today. They were also ordering blood and planning to do a blood transfusion this evening. The blood transfusion should help him feel better and also help with the heart rate.
This was one of the hardest days at the hospital. Tanner is off track at school and wanted to spend the Day with Tristan so Chris brought him up to the hospital late morning. I think that this was quite the eye opener for Tanner. He had a "Day in the life of Tristan experience" and it was a hard day.
For one, Tristan was hooked up to several medical devices and had to use the bathroom every two hours.

Finish Chemo, Place feeding tube, MRI, Blood Transfusion.

I think the hardest thing for the three of us though was placing Tristan's feeding tube. He has not been able to eat and lost nearly 10 pounds.
They decided a feeding tube would be the best option to help him gain weight. With hopes that he would eat on his own in the near future.

This was not something Tristan wanted! He was so stressed about it that he asked to be put to sleep while they placed it. He could not calm down enough for them to put the tube in so they had 3 nurses hold him down while he screamed and Tanner and I cried (sobbed). It was difficult for Tanner to witness. Tristan was still upset after the placement. He did not like anything about it and especially the way that it looked. The nurse was telling him what a good job he did and he said to her " just get out of here".

Not only did he not get a break after that but he was due for the MRI, another thing that he hated. One good thing is that he was so exhausted from the fight of placing the feeding tube that he did not fight going into the MRI.
The Tech running the MRI was really cute with Tanner explaining why and how it worked and even letting him help with some of the scans and talking to Tristan on the Intercom.
Chris had arrived just as Tristan was going in so Tanner Chris and I went down to the rainbow cafe to eat and wait for the results of this MRI.
One hour later Chris went to the radiology dept to pick up Tristan and ask what the results were. We are getting good at asking for things "NOW".
The Doctor told him that the MRI would still need a complete evaluation but that he could see nothing abnormal on the scan! YES!!!! Thank you thank you thank you for those prayers. this is the best news ever!
We returned to the room watched The movie Puss in boots Together and Tanner and Chris headed home.
Tristan began his first blood transfusion at 9:00pm. It was weird watching the blood just flow into the little man. Especially after such a long eventful exhausting but happy in the end day!
PHEW.....glad this day is over!

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