Saturday, March 10, 2012

Round 1 - Still fighting

This week has been long! Tristan Had his first week of Chemo therapy which consited of Inpatient treatments on Tuesday and Wednesday. We were able to come Home Thursday morning but he had began a little cough & temp while in the hospital.
Friday he started to run a fever and it keep rising throughout the day. I called the Oncology Clinic at primary's and they wanted me to get hime there as soon as possible.
This was a little scary for me, and Tristan was MAD! He did not want to go back to the hospital.
My sister Tineil rode up to PCMC with Tristan and I. I was grateful because Tristan wanted her there and was more willing to go when she went with us.
I promised that he would not have to stay the night (thankfully I was able to keep that promise). They checked his blood and counts, examined him, administered antibiotics and fluid via his "Port" and were able to send us home.

 He has been sleeping nearly all day today. When his fever peaked and he was so out-of-it that he started to hallucinate, finally at 2am it subsided. I could not sleep -Again-  glad that he is able to though, his little body needs this break after our long week!
A friend (Braxton) from school brough Tristan some cookies today. he has not been eating much, but he ate a cookie : )

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  1. I hope he gets over the RSV and pneumonia soon. So nice of his friend to bring him cookies.