Thursday, March 8, 2012

Welcome Home after first Chemo

Today is a Good Day. I learned how to be the Cancer mom & Nurse we were finally discharged.
I was nervous to bring him home because he has a little cough and had a low-grade fever last night. From this point on the word "Fever" will forever haunt me, at least in Tristans case. If he has a fever over 100 I watch it for an hour if his fever is ever 101, I am to rush him to the ER, PCMC or call 911 if other symptoms develop. In Cancer patients the word "Fever" is a very bad word. This is what scares me most right now, I feel like I am taking home a delicate newborn (only he is sick). I am afraid, but so happy that he will be home with his family for a few days.

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