Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Special Visitors

Yesterday we had a visit from so pretty amazing people. Hero's in my book. Shortly after Tristan was diagnosed with Ewings I had several of my friends message me or text me about a boy that does not live far from us Tim Wright that had Ewings also. He is in Remission now (I can't wait to say that about us), but as I read their blog I found that we had a lot in common with the Wright family.
I did not want to talk much about Tristan's cancer or ask questions or answer them at first, so I did not contact the Wrights (right away). 
As the days went on and things got crazier and harder. I could not sleep, I worried about fevers all the time, and they kept happening. Finally one afternoon sitting in the hospital I searched for Amanda Wright on Facebook and messaged her. I did not know what I wanted to say or why I was contacting her other than I could not stop thinking about their family. 
I said something like, I have a few friends that sent me your way I read you blog and I have a son that was diagnosed with Ewings. 
Shortly after, I received a reply. She wrote that numerous people had contacted her about Tristan and she was patiently waiting for me to be ready to contact her.
I cried, it felt so good to have somebody that  knew the emotions and trials we were facing first hand and truly understood. I did not reply right away, for a few reasons but I really wanted to meet them and Tim himself. 

Yesterday they came to our door with a large bag full of goodies to make Tristans hospital stays a little more 'bearable". Wow, this family is amazing! Tim had picked out the items himself for Tristan it was a very personal gift and we appreciate it more than you know. He was able to go upstairs and chat with Tristan while Chris I  talked with his parents Cory and Amanda. It felt good to talk about it and not feel like it was a foreign language. I am so happy that I have someone that I can call in those emergenct=y moments that has been there! Already love them! 
They are all my hero's! Thank you friends for helping me to find them.  Thank you to The Wrights for taking the time to visit with us and comfort us! Thank you Tim for fighting hard and strong and winning, I know Tristan already looks up to you. 


  1. What a happy story, Tiff. I've read their blog, and they are an awesome family. I can't wait to hear details!

    Love you all.

  2. I am so glad you guys found someone to talk too, I was heartbroken the other night when I asked if you had other families and children up at PCMC to talk too and you said no,so I am so thankful you found someone who you can relate and share and compare stories with! your family is my "Hero" since the day Jerron came home and said,"mom I have a best friend!" Tiff and Chris you have done an amazing job with your 2 boys they are so nice,well manored,gentle hearted perfect boys! we just love and adore your cute family!!
    anyways,Tristan I just want to say thanks for being Jerrons friend you are an amazing kid Jerron misses you and cant wait to see ya! he also wants to shave his head to be just like you,so whenever he comes over or goes to his dads he will get his head shaved as well!(because I do not have clippers to do it or it would have been done!)btw you look so handsome!!! I hope you have had a chance to play your video game or use your word search books. well you get feeling better and kick some cancer butt!!!

  3. Tim is in Leila's class and he is such a great example for Tristan. I'm glad you have made contact with Tim's family..It will help both families to have each other--and the whole town is in your corner fighting with you against cancer.

    1. Tif-we really enjoyed visiting with you last week. You have been on all our minds and we pray for you all the time! There is light at the end of the tunnel, a long tunnel, but there is light and you will look back and appreciate life so much more. Please, please call me anytime. Even for a little thing. We love you and are here for you.