Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Round 5 week 9

This past week has been pretty incredible. The first thing I want to post about is Tristan playing Baseball. He has been building up the confidence to get out and play in one of the games for a while now. He had some real concerns that were holding him back. The main fear being that he may get hit with the baseball on his power port (Implanted IV port). I had not thought about this initially, he is so smart! He is also so brave , he warmed up with the boys before the baseball game, but was still not positive he could follow through. The game was exciting to watch and pretty close in he score when it was Tristans turn up to bat.  He was so determined and acted as though he hadn't a fear in the world. The first pitch you wouldn't believe would have hit him (possible right in the port) but he tucked and covered. Do you think this stopped this boy from getting back up to bat again? NO way! Next pitch was a foul ball, then a strike (he was not happy about the strike) and immediately after hit a very good base hit towards short stop near first base. He had to run and run hard. He made it to first base with a lot of huffing and puffing and you could see the pride on his little face. He was able to take a break as the next batter got walked. Their was not a dry eye in our stands as he ran across Home plate contributing to the teams win and accomplishing a goal he had set for himself. The best part was that the other team had no idea this was happening so this was no sympathy run he earned it!

It was so wonderful being able to watch both my boys play together again on the same team. Tanner was so happy to have Tristan play and was unbelievable supportive of his brother. They have such a powerful bond and support for one another.

Friday Tristan, tanner and Chris went on an overnight father & Sons campout With Grandpa Robbie Chidester.

What a nice break and now back to Chemo. Tristan started Round 5 (of the 6 before surgery) and week 9 of Chemo therapy. He also had a scheduled follow-up  Echocardiogram and EKG both of which came back normal. Yay!
Monday morning he did an audio recording of his story that he wrote for the Childrens Miracle Network and KSL TV telethon that will broadcast on KSL on June 2nd.

Today he is battling again, it was a rough morning for him and he is now resting, it is hard to get real sleep during the nights after Chemo because of the required every 2 hour bathroom visits. Hopefully things will go smoothly and we can be discharged at 6pm tonight and have Chili's for Dinner : )
Thanks to all of you for your love and support with our Chili's fundraiser. Thank you to Chili's and Jamie Bergstrom for setting up the "Give Back Night" for Tristan!

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  1. So good to hear about the good times along with the challendges. You are all my superheroes. Love you tonz.