Monday, April 9, 2012

Easter at Home YES!

I have been meaning to update but things were feeling so good and normal around our house that I really did not have time, this is a good thing!
Tristan's appetite has been steady and he has now gained back 7 lbs! YAY! He looks so much better and has been feeling great, so great in fact that things felt back to "Normal" around our house.
He has been spending more time outside. The nice spring weather has helped with this too.
Easter was fabulous because we were able to stay home as a family. Tristan was supposed to go in that Friday for the 2-3 day chemo treatment but on Thursday after his Home Health blood draw, Nurse James Called and his Platelet counts were too low to do Chemo. Tristans  count was 45 and it had to be 75 to continue.
I don't think any of us were sad about this news, it does set us back in treatment another week but it was so nice to be together! Saturday my family all colored eggs together it was quite entertaining. Tristan has a very artistic side. He made some very beautiful eggs and then we all made some colored eggs that said "Cancer Sucks".
Easter morning my Sister, her boys & Cousin Whitney's little lady Preslie (they live in the other side of our house) came out for a big easter egg hunt in the front yard area. It was perfect, there was so much candy and eggs I think even the older kids started to get bored. : )

Tristan was feeling great both my boys had lots of smiles. He was also feeling good enough that we were all able to go to the first hour of church. He still gets very weak and tired after about 1 hour.

Later that day after a nap, we went to The Chidesters for more Easter fun. I was actually surprised at how much Tristan was able to do today.

One thing that he has been struggling with is the way that people are acting around him. People are so concerned but don't know what to say so typically they just ask him a lot of questions. If you know Tristan then you know he is pretty soft spoken and does not like to be the center of attention.
When he gets uncomfortable or does not want to talk anymore he just points to me and wants me to talk for him. He actually asked me on Easter "Mom why are people acting so weird and asking me so many questions?" "I just want to be normal".  --- I know Tristan I want things to be normal too. We have a new normal now.

I will try to figure out how to make a slideshow with pics but for with it!

Tanner and Tristan received a few gifts for Easter but for Tristan (and possibly Tanner) this year the best gift of all was that Chris and I removed his feeding tube before he went to sleep. I told him that when he was able to gain all of the lost weight back it would come out. How wonderful it was (after the crying and screaming) to be able to remove it.

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